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About Us

Aurora is an innovative values driven business designed around making life simpler, with a range of products and services for both individuals and companies.

Aurora is determined to bring clear & indisputable benefits to all end users, partners, & charities. They have built a solid and reliable business model to ensure that each and everything we do offers great advantages to everyone involved, with little or no down-side. We believe this business model is not only viable in the short, medium and long term, but is also fundamental to all that Aurora represents.”


Introducing the Aurora Portal

Aurora.Enterprises hosts a Charity/NGO directory, where site visitors can learn about the campaigns of Good Causes. Visitors use the site to make purchases through our increasing range of partners and affiliates. They are also rewarded with a donation balance, which they can then assign to charities of their choice.


Introducing the Aurora SmartBand...

Aurora.Enterprises brings you the SmartBand that helps introduce charities to the world of smart technology & provides you with a medical SmartBand to help you receive the right help in case of an emergency.

With the SmartBand you can also unlock your phone, enjoy unique shopping deals, find local deals, and even use it to help you find your car.

Use your SmartBand to help raise money for a wide range of good causes, ranging from well-known national and international charities, to non-profit making organisations determined to change the world for the better. They don’t cost you anything to use, they don't need to be recharged and are waterproof as well. Also, the more you use them, the more they can help generate donations for your chosen charities.

The SmartBand can be used in conjunction with our very capable website on your mobile or laptop and soon to be released Android Mobile App (to be published on the Google Play App store).

All this can be yours, by simply visiting, registering, and logging into our website on your computer, smartphone, iPad, or tablet, to access a wide range of deals, tailored towards your needs.

With an increasing number of ways of generating money for worthy causes, Aurora’s new platform will help charities and good causes raise invaluable money, without the administrative burden, or extra cost for the donor either.

What a great way to keep on giving….


Some of Our Values: 

  • Reputation is Everything – We NEVER compromise it, or yourself
  • Keep in mind why we are doing this. Purpose. Purpose. Purpose!
  • We avoid waste and unnecessary bureaucracy where we can
  • Be creative. We find new ways to help and contribute, and make positive, everlasting change
  • We always think long term benefits, not short term gains
  • Support one another - We try to always be more than we are alone
  • Admit when you are wrong - It means you’re learning something new
  • We put yourself in the shoes of other, and how we would like to be treated in their place
  • We realise that you can’t please everyone, but we do our best to find a way to make things better
  • We focus on what is within our creative abilities to change, and don’t get too hung up on what is not
  • Do something good, and focus on bringing benefits, not profit
  • Never stop trying... or rather doing...
  • We believe in making the world a better place by changing the world one leap at a time
  • We enjoy what we do. It makes a difference

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