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About Us

Aurora was started by an idea to change the world, and we are always changing and evolving, bringing us closer to many of our goals.

We are always looking for the right people, with our team comprising of a mixture of imagination, ingenuity, and extensive cross-industry professional experience.

When you consider being part of something, isn't it nice to see a bit more about us? The Aurora team consists of a growing number of people working directly, indirectly and even volunteering for Aurora on its mission to make a real difference.

Many people have helped to make Aurora possible. Our current team consists of Joel, Emma, Zoe, Sarah, Richard, Simran, Peng, Soban, Dave, Raj, Mike, and many more that have each worked hard to bring to you our easy to use Life Saving Wearable technology, and our Deals for Donations Porta, on our mission to change the world, help good causes, and save lives, in summary, to make a difference.

This is just some of our ever changing team

We would love to hear from you.

To contact us, visit

Among the team are developers, designers, security specialists, charity experts, healthcare professionals, consultants and more. If this is something you want to do, and you can help make a real difference, there is plenty of room for you too!

At present, our focus is to grown our network of resellers, helping the world get to benefit from our unique wearables. If you have some great ideas of plaecs that would benefit from Smartbands, keyfobs, sew-on-tags or other ICE products, contact us, and maybe you can become a reseller too! Click here, or contact us to find out more!


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