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About Us

Our team is always looking for the right people. Our team comprises a mixture of imagination, ingenuity, and extensive cross-industry professional experience.

When you consider working somewhere, isn't it nice to see a bit more about the team? The Aurora team consists of a growing number of people working directly, indirectly and even volunteering for Aurora.

Our team, consisting of Joel, Zoe, Sarah, Richard, Simran, Peng, Soban, Dave, Raj, Mike, and the many more that have all worked hard to bring to you our easy to use Life Saving Wearable technology, and our Deals for Donations Portal, and are always looking for ways to make a difference.

Just some of our ever changing team


We would love to hear from you.

To contact us, visit our main website at https://Portal.Aurora.Enterprises

Among the team are developers, designers, security specialists, charity experts, healthcare professionals, consultants and more. There is plenty of room for you too!

The team all work together towards a common goal - to make a real difference. Based on a centralised vision for the future, everyone plays their part in making it happen.

Meet our Visionaries:

Joel, Dave, Jeff, Robert, Richard, Ewa, and Chris have all been instrumental to creating our "Socially Responsible & Sustainable" business model to the world and making sure that the team can deliver it.

Meet our Designers & Developers:

Peng, Xin, Daniel, Tamoor and the rest of the development, design, and documentation team They have been busy turning the platform from a proof of concept site into a viable active live platform. With design work from Mike and input from Nick, every aspect of the user experience is being considered to make the platform as easy to use and provide more and more benefits to all visitors, on our mission to bring change to worthy causes.

Meet our Press, PR, and HR team:

Simran, Faith and Sarah all play a vital role in making sure that Aurora's mission is enabled through quality partnerships, supporting the team. They also make sure that Aurora stays true to its word in supporting the people it is trying to help.

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