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What is the Deals For Donations Directory?

Special offers always attract local interest. If your special offer includes a great deal, and rewards your customer with a charity donation that they can direct to what is important to them, it's a win for the customer, win for the charity, and a win for the business too!


Our 'Deals For Donations' directory provides a simple & easy way for local businesses to offer special deals to the community, such as special offers, exclusive deals, or discounted end of line stock.

Because customers can filter deals by category, proximity, and a host of other ways, this means no business is left behind!

All businesses need to do is what they are good at - delivering a great quality product or service, leaving the sales, marketing, & order management to us.

By charging a low fee per sale, it's a cost effective way for a company to promote (or test promotions) of what they do, and with an incredible HALF of our fee being allocated to your customer to support what they believe in, that means your customers' experiences are deeper, and more connected with what you do.


Help connect with your local community. Register your enterprise - FREE - in our online directory today! It only takes a couple of minutes, and gives the world another way to find you.


How to Register:

There are many different ways to register your business in our directory.

We want to make this as easy as possible, especially for the non-tech savvy among us. So we've created a simple 3 step process starting at the following link -


Our Origin Story & How We Will Change the World Together:

In 2016, a group of like minded friends decided to stop complaining about all that was wrong in the world, & made a promise to actually do something about it!

With so many ways to help to positively change the world, deciding on the best way to make a real difference was difficult at the beginning. After a lot of time & a lot of thought, the way forward was soon clear. Engaging with, & serving the local community seemed like the best way to reach the people, businesses, & causes that mattered.

As a result, we established a 'local Deals site, dedicated to helping support the causes that the community believes in'.


Apart from our 'Deals for Donations' platform, we also decided to provide a free, no obligation, community directory for the listing of any local enterprises (businesses, charities, non-profits, & clubs), making it easier for the community to learn about what is happening in their area.

Learn more about:

Charity Directory + Directory of their Campaigns available to receive donations

Business Directory + Directory of Deals

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