Aurora have a clear vision for the future. With a team of futurologists, economists, data specialists, and technical experts at hand, there is no shortage of enthusiasm for how Aurora can change the world.

“Aurora is determined to bring clear & indisputable benefits to all end users, partners, & charities. It has also built a solid and reliable business model to ensure that each and every thing we do offers great advantages to everyone involved, with little or no down-side. We believe this business model is not only viable in the short, medium and long term, but also this approach is fundamental to all that Aurora represents.”

We believe in taking one small ‘leap’ at a time. We started, by spotting a challenge we felt we could make a difference with. With a solution in place, we moved on to the next Challenge, and soon we had a roadmap for how we can change the world.

But in doing so, we soon identified our own biggest challenge. As good as any ideas may be, unless the word is spread, how can any idea take flight?

With our SmartBands offer so many benefits, it was difficult to know where to begin or focus, and with each person getting excited by a different 'angle', there was no simple and obvious ‘one place’ to start, giving our sales and marketing team a big challenge.

But the best way forward is driven by customers singing praises of our products, and our business, with its clear ethically driven purpose that everyone here shares.

In the meanwhile, our Roadmap offers answers to many challenges the world faces, and we are determined not to lose momentum. There is a bright future ahead, and Aurora wants to continue its never-ending mission to revolutionise fundraising, and bring change to good causes.