Aurora offers a free, no obligation, business & charity directory. Aurora also offers a deals platform to help promote local businesses.

Charging a small administraton fee from each sale, Aurora allocates half of this to cover running costs, & half is allocated to become a charitable donation.



What's in it For Customers:

  • See our small business directory
  • Get access to great deals from local companies
  • Learn about the benefits that charities bring
  • Support the charities you believe in, with 'free' donations

What's in it for Businesses:

  • A free platform to promote your business
  • A platform to offer deals (optional)
  • A platform to post blogs on, further promoting your business

What's in it for Charities:

  • A free platform to promote your charity, & the various campaigns
  • A platform through which to generate donations
  • A platform to post blogs on, further promoting your charity


How the deals portal works:

3 simple steps.... Shop, Earn & Donate

  1. A visitor searches, views, & buys a deal
  2. Once the payment has been made & cross-referenced, a donation is awarded to the platform user's pending donation balance
  3. After the deal is complete, the donation can then be allocated by the buyer to a charitable campaign of the buyer's choice

By charities making it clearer how they will put donations to good use, buyers can choose which charity to donate to, therefore rewarding the charities they most believe in.

Although we cannot dictate what charities do with donations, we will be requesting regular updates/feedback on what benefits your donations have made.


If you want to be listed in our free directory fill out the form below:

Registration is done through a series of guided easy steps, starting with the form below, followed by email verification.

To create your free listing now, follow these 3 simple steps:
tart by completing & submitting the form:



When filling out the form:

Select Partner if you are a business (B2B or B2C)

Select Charity if you are a UK registered Charity

Select NGO for non-profit organisations or Non-UK charities

Select Club for all clubs, worldwide

(You can select Partner + Charity/NGO/Club)


STEP 2: You will then receive an email for verification

Open the email, click the link to allow you to verify your email address, and set a password so you can modify your listing in the future

It should guide you through the process of adding your business/charity details, including location, photograph, website, social media details etc.


If you can't find the email, please check your spam folder! If this email still can't be found after 15 minutes, please feel free to try again using this form, or please contact us.

STEP 3: Log in to the site

If you weren't automatically guided through the journey after setting your password, simply visit this website, and try to log in with your new password. Your listing journey should now begin!

In total it only takes a few minutes!


Once you submit your listing, we will review this, and contact you if extra information is required. Once approved, your listing will automatically appear.