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Sign-up as a Charity or NGO

31st of October 2017 ( Aurora category)

Aurora has a directory for Charities, non-profits, and clubs to register themselves, and make themselves available to receive donations.

You can register for free, helping people understand what you do, and find new supporters.

Why not help encourage donations by making a promise of what benefits that donation will bring.


All charities and non-profit organisations will be screened prior to receiving donations.

Contact us for how to sign-up as a Charity or NGO, including further details on the screening step requirements.


Simply create a user account, validate your account, login and then visit your 'My Account' Page.

Near the bottom of this page, you will see a message to register yourself as a charity/NGO/club, and also registering each campaign.

Once this listing is approved, your charity will be live on our directory and you can start to list deals that meet our criteria.


To register your Charity or Non-Profit, click here.


For more information and guidance, please contact us.


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