Whatever your business, wouldn't it be useful for new customers to find you, and discover what you have to offer?

Aurora has launched a directory for businesses to register themselves, at no cost, allowing the public, and other businesses to find them.


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Signing up as a Merchant and listing a deal has been made even easier.

Simply create a user account, validate your account, login and then visit your 'My Account' Page.

Near the bottom of this page, you will see a message to register yourself as a merchant/partner.

Once this listing is approved, your business is live on our directory and you can start to list deals that meet our criteria.


We want to provide quality deals that are ideally unique to us, but at a price of at least 20% less than RRP and lower than what is available elsewhere.

Due to the fact (depending on the product category) that we only usually charge 10% (+VAT & credit card fees) from every purchase made, we know that we are a very cost effective way to market your product and with the buyer being rewarded with 5% to donate to a charity of their choosing, this means we are, in reality, only operating on a 5% margin, making us a great route to market and a rewarding, socially responsible one, too.

Once registered as a Merchant, please follow the instructions in your account section of how to list a deal. We can only operate on such a low margin by having most of our steps automated and have tried to make it as easy for you as possible. Any questions, please visit our help and support section, or contact us if your question is not answered online

  • Naturally, a deal cannot be 'free', it must be legal, and all terms, conditions and availability must be clear.
  • All deals should be at least 20% below RRP, to make it attractive to a buyer and should not be available elsewhere for less.
  • It must also normally be sold at the RRP and proof of this may be requested
  • You must accept the terms and conditions of sale (or contact us if you do not feel these should apply), for fraud prevention and to avoid chargebacks

For those struggling to think of deals to offer......

How to make a deal worth buying:

Many companies that we talk to, offer a range of products and services in which they find themselves struggling to turn this into something tangible to offer at an attractive price to prospective clients.

But a customer wants to know what they will get for what they are expected to pay.

For example, if you run an accountancy company, how could you offer a special offer to a client? Perhaps if you run a shop? What about if you provide virtual PA services normally with an initial free trial?

Each of these examples can run an offer, of benefit to customers and of benefit to themselves.

For an accountant, rather than reduce hourly rates, why not do a number of fixed price services at special rates, such as a financial audit, or tax return submission that will hopefully lead to regular business in the future?

For a shop-owner, why not look at new stock which is purchased at great prices in large quantities, or end of line stock that must be cleared that can then be offered to customers who would benefit from the bargains?

If you run a Virtual-PA service where you normally offer a free trial, why not offer a discounted package for the first month, of calendar management or an email marketing campaign, as well as incorporating the free call-answering trial too?

The short answer is, that no matter what you do and how bespoke you may be, there is always something that can be easily 'packaged' into something a client can simply add to their virtual shopping basket and benefit from completing on the purchase.

We only ask that the offers you provide are truly special to our customers, as we really want everyone to benefit with a great deal.

We also really love unique or limited-edition deals, that normally money cannot buy. This way, our visitors can truly get something special, while also getting to help the causes that are truly meaningful to them.

If you want help structuring a deal to offer, why not contact us, so we can help work out something unique that would benefit everyone to make available through our partner networks..... including the worthy causes that your customers wish to contribute towards.

We'd like to think we are approachable, so if you have any good ideas, why not contact us to discuss, or for more information.