All businesses have something to offer. Whatever your business, wouldn't it be useful for new customers to find you, & discover what you do?

To help local communities, Aurora has launched a directory where all businesses can registe, at no cost, and with no obligation. This allows the public, & other businesses to find them.

Registration is free, & easy. The process can be started by completing the form below. After you verify your email, you will then be able to complete a few simple steps, to have your business online.

If you already have a 'user account', you can register as a merchant(retailer/partner) near the bottom of your 'My Account' page.

Once this listing is approved, you can even take advantage of other benefits, including being able to list deals.


We want to provide quality deals that are either exclusive or at least 20% less than RRP and lower than what is available elsewhere. For more information & guidance, please visit our help and support section, or contact us.


Optional Service:

For a registered business, there are no obligations, and no pressures to use any optional services. We do, however, hope that what we offer provides a number of great opportunities to your business.


Deal Fees:

Businesses can choose to offer deals for member for the public to buy. If no deals are bought, there is no fee. For items sold, we charge a small fee, making us a cost effective way to market your product.

Our fees are made simple. Aurora charges a fee of 10% of the purchase price (+VAT & credit card fees) on every purchase made. Half of this (5%) is allocated to the buyer to donate to a charity of their choosing, making this a great way for your customers to support what they believe in, while also benefitting from what your business offers.


Deal Terms:

As a Merchant, there are a range of relatively obvious conditions associated with deals offered:

  • Naturally, a deal cannot be 'free'. It must be legal, & all terms, conditions and availability must be clear.
  • All deals should be either exclusive to Aurora, or discounted by at least 20% below RRP (proof of this may be requested)
  • In the interests of customer protection, you must accept the terms and conditions of sale. This includes adopted a number of simple yet effective fraud prevention steps to avoid chargebacks. Contact us for an exemption, if you feel any conditions do not apply.