Very simply, Aurora provides a Deals platform, designed to help local businesses & charities.

In addition to the deals platform, Aurora also offers a free (no obligation) business & charity directory for all businesses and charities worldwide.



This provides an opportunity for businesses to:

  • promote themselves (at no cost) with a free listing
  • discover what other businesses or charities are nearby
  • to provide access to our unique deals platform (optional)
  • promote deals on a choice of partner webshops
  • leverage the platform workflow capabilities


The deal platform is designed to help local businesses, by offering an End-to-End sales marketing & ordering service through which businesses can sell any deals. to help businesses sell their products and services. In addition to any VAT and credit card feed, On each sale, small fee is charged. Half of this fee covers operating overheads, and the other half is awarded to the charity of their buyer's choice.


This allows businesses to:

  • use the platform to sell product & service deals, & only pay a small fee on any successful sales
  • discover which charities that your customers support & believe in
  • test a range of deals, in order to find the deal that works best
  • use the platform to sell end of line stock


We only have only 2 conditions on any deals offered:

  • Deal must be either exclusive to us, or minimum 20% discount to RRP on retailer's site
  • Deal must not be illegal, or classified as offensive (+ adhere to all listing terms & conditions)


Read more about what is in it for retailers here


Charities, Non-Profits, & Community oriented Clubs:

Registration provides access to a number of benefits including to:

  • provide a great place where a like minded audience can learn about the purpose of the cause, and associate campaigns
  • provide a way to build trust, by providing clear 'promises' of the benefits that donations will bring (e.g. £10 will pay for care of an injured turtle for 3 months)
  • help raise awareness to the local community
  • make themselves available for receipt of donations (Auror does not take a penny of any donations)

Read more about what is in it for charities here


For Customers:

Customers get access to a range of deals. With each purchase of a deal. The sale of a deal creates a donation (e.g. £1.00 from the sale of an afternoon tea at £19.99), a buyer can award this to a charity of their choice by the charity setting up a campaign against which to receive donations.


Read more about what is in it for customers here