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What’s in it for Partners

18th of September 2017 (Benefits category)

All businesses’ have a range of challenges to deal with. The most common and perhaps most difficult three are cashflow/affordability, skills and time. Aurora is no different, as it cannot be an expert in everything and only has limited time and money. However, Aurora knows how to create some amazing partnerships to help bring symbiotic ideas and businesses, together.

Businesses can become merchants, offering exclusive deals to the ever-growing Aurora audience.

Businesses can offer affiliate partnerships, in order to help promote their own product’s and reward Aurora with a 'commission'.

Businesses can partner with us on a range of projects, helping the business to leverage the right technologies.

Businesses can advertise on the Aurora site and help improve their profile

Perhaps best of all, some businesses can even offer their services in exchange for receipt of our services, helping one another to grow. This way, cashflow, skills and time are less of a concern reducing unnecessary pressure’s.


Why not register yourself as a Partner/Merchant on the Aurora Portal and contact us to discuss ways in which we can work together?


We pride ourselves on finding win-win-win situations, with little or no downside for all stakeholders. Where there is a way, we will do our best to find it.


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