For every £10 that a charity receives, do you really know what benefits it will bring?

Some charities run many campaigns, and while a single charity might promote that it will 'Save Whales, Ban Bombs, Feed the Starving, and Build Schools', how do you know which of these your money will go towards, and just how effective they are at doing so?

We are partnering with a wide range of charities, and in doing so, are requesting a greater insight into what each campaign will bring.

After all, if you know that "Save the Penguin" will save 3 penguins with every £10 received, you may wish to help them save lots of penguins. If, on the other hand, you don't really know just how effective their work is, you may be more hesitant to give.

So by charities being more transparant and open about what they can achieve, we believe that people will develop more trust and confidence that their donations are going to truly help the campaigns they believe in.

Read about charities and their campaigns on the Aurora Charity Directory, and make sure that the donations you provide, either by donations you receive by buying the special deals on Aurora, or even by a direct donation, are being sent to the charity with clear instruction on how to put this money to good use.

(And since it costs the charities absolutely nothing, there are no fundraising costs, and so there's no real excuse why they can't use the donations as they have promised!)

So if you like the principle of Aurora, wherever you live in the world, Share and Tag others who would be interested, or benefit, or introduce us to businesses who are willing to offer great deals to help good causes. Aurora relies on you to spread the word. Take action now, and help Aurora Bring Change to Good Causes.