Don't have cash on you to donate? Don't believe the money will go to the right benefit? Don't believe they work for a charity? Don't want to make an instant decision to donate? Don't have confidence that the tin-shaker won't run off with the proceeds?

These are just some of the thoughts that each and every person may consider when they get approached by a tin-shaker. All of which create a nightmare for collectors.

Enter, stage left, the Charity SmartCard; a clever piece of plastic and smart-tech, designed to help good causes.

For a passer-by, it's far more civilised to simply scan the card's NFC tag or QR code with their Smartphone, and read about the good causes and various campaigns. Passers-by can then choose to donate instantly (and perhaps then receive a free gift, such as a badge, or similar), or to subscribe, think about it, and donate at their leisure at any point in the future, more respectfully, and more informed, and even add the campaign to their 'favourites', follow, share, and sending out your message to the people they know,.

And because the donations go straight to your charity, you can integrate directly with your donation process, and make sure that the donors all receive a special thank-you, as well as a receipt if required.

Naturally, Aurora don't add any extra costs, and all of this, and more, can be bought with a single one-off cost for our unique low priced smart-tech.


At Aurora, we're keen to find the negatives, and make sure they are eliminated where we can. Here's just a few:

  • So someone steals that card. What good will it do? The card helps channel donations directly to the charity's campaign account. Anyone that wants to steal the card will only help to raise more money for the charity, and cannot have any access to funds.
  • Personalised cards can help track who has helped collect how much, when, and even where, giving a very clever insight into the effectiveness of certain locations, at certain times, in a very clear way.
  • Worried about Bogus cards? If the donor sees that the person and the card don't match, they can take a photo easily, and report them straight to you or the police. Also, if the potential donor confirms that the link goes straight to the Aurora website, where they can learn about the cause, and make the right donation decision, they can be more confident that the card is genuine.
  • People are not pressured enough to give. Although pressure does generate donations, it also brings out the worst in people, who might otherwise have been keen to help your cause. What ethics would you rather be associated with?


To sum up some of the positives, unlike any other street collection method:

  • People can learn about the campaign, and get the answers they need before they commit the donation that will make the difference
  • People can add the charity, campaign to their favourites
  • People can use social media to spread the word. Even if they don't contribute a penny, many people would be happy to share or tweet if they believe in what ou are doing
  • Helps your charity compete with the other 160,000 UK charities, in a more clear and respectful manner
  • Your transparency of your promise of how you will use the donations builds trust, and reduces donor apathy
  • Collectors can become more knowledgeable, and help answer question, especially in conjunction with a 'chat agent'
  • Donation can be receive from people who don't carry money
  • Can integrate into the charity's donation process, and regulars can even be recognised and rewarded
  • Engaging with people respectfully, will reciprocate better feelings than other conventional collection techniques

Aurora's technology exists today, and we are keen to change the world. Why not start today. Contact us to discuss how we can work together to make a difference. Contact us for more information, and to discuss improved fund-raising strategies.