We all love great deals, especially local ones at great prices. Charities need donations. Internet shopping continues to be a growing trend.

By combining all three, Aurora provides a website, offering big brands and great local deals, that generates donations helping charities at no extra cost to either themselves or donors


How it works:

3 simple steps.... Shop, Earn & Donate

Search and click on our advertisers, deals and retail partners. Then simply purchase products through our site, to generate a donation.

By making purchases though an increasing range of Aurora’s trusted partners (ranging from big brands to local deal voucher sites), registered shoppers are rewarded with a donation balance that they can then reserve and donate to charities of their choice.

You can even mark Charities, their campaigns and our partner retailers as ‘favourites’, making it easy to discover what’s new. Once you have been rewarded with a donation balance, you can then choose where to direct this donation.


All charities run campaigns (for more information, see our “what is a campaign”), so we prefer that charities are awarded money to go towards a particular goal. This makes the charity more accountable to delivery, in making it clearer what benefits you and other Aurora customers can bring to the causes you care about.

To donate, the first step is to reserve it against a charity’s campaign. This ‘ear-marks’ the donation as being reserved for that charity, specific for that campaign.

At any point, either immediately, or at a future point in time, you can then trigger this to become an actual donation that we will then send to the charity, for that campaign.


Although we may highlight various causes that are of interest, we only donate to registered charities, who are all screened and validated. Although we cannot dictate what they do with our donations, we will request regular updates on the success of supported campaigns, as well as for any feedback on how the donations have made a difference.