We all love great deals, especially local ones at great prices. Charities need donations. Internet shopping continues to be a growing trend.

Aurora not only offers a Business and Charity Directory, but also a deal directory.

This allows Aurora to provide great exclusive or discounted deals to the public, and helps businesses to encourage sales, and promote what they do.

Charging a small fee for facilitating the sale, Aurora uses half of this fee to cover operational running costs, and half becomes a charitable donation.

By charities making it clearer how they will put donations to good use, buyers can choose which charity to donate to, therefore rewarding the charities that people believe in.


How it works in practice:

3 simple steps.... Shop, Earn & Donate

  1. A user searches, views, & buys a deal
  2. Once the payment has been made, a donation can be tracked, & awarded to the user's 'pending' donations
  3. After the screened payment is cleared, the donation is verified, and can then be made by the user to the charity's campaign of their choice

Although we cannot dictate what they do with donations, we will request regular updates/feedback on what benefits the donations have made.