Aurora knows that a company is only as good as its people.


People are motivated in different ways and the secret to finding the right people for Aurora is to offer the right flexibility.

Not everyone wants to work a regular 5-day week and not everyone can travel to work from the office or work remotely. We would hate to miss out on that talent and enthusiasm and as a result, Aurora offers a working flexibility in a variety of ways.

As a generalisation, we like to construct flexible arrangements to help ensure that we get the best people, who do not wish to be tied to the old “9-5” ways that many companies still find themselves the slave to.

Naturally we have to meet the client’s needs and expectations. So as long as what you can do is right for the client and all parties agree arrangements in advance, we pride ourselves on being able to make it happen.

People may choose to work full time, part time, zero hour/ad-hoc, term time, seasonal and out of hours, commission driven, or even job share.

Work may be available from an office, from a client’s offices, or working from home, wherever in the world that may be.

Each role is different. All roles are subject to associated working conditions and may involve stricter contractual agreements with employees or sub-contractors, in order to provide one another the necessary re-assurances and protection.

Some roles may not be suited to some working conditions and this has to always be considered. Just like an emergency surgeon is unlikely to find a job working at home, some roles may not work. Therefore, if you apply for a role, please let us know what working conditions may be of interest to you.

With the flexibility of contract arrangements, we can offer, this gives us access to people around the clock, meaning that work can get done between one another’s shifts. Using an ‘Agile’ type methodology, coupled with simply considering everyone’s needs, we can work out the best way to make use of all the skills of the team.

By considering different ways to attract and secure some of the best people out there, we hope to grow Aurora into a world class leader.