If you work at Aurora, we encourage ideas.

What we encourage, perhaps more, is working together on ideas.

Imagine you are working at Aurora and you have a great idea.

Submit a srong enough 'case' and Aurora will help you to make it happen.


All ideas are reviewed, assessed for their gains (e.g. efficiency, environment improvement, social responsibility etc.) and scrutinised regarding their financial validity.


Now, let us consider how to integrate these projects.

Taking a typical 5-day week, statistics show that most people lose at least a day to administration, distraction and reduced motivation.

Imagine that after a highly productive 4-day week, if 1 day was deliberately reserved for overspill of work, plus time to progress an idea. What difference could it make to your working life, the business, and to the lives of others?


We want you to share in the business's success.

With other staff who also believe in the idea and are keen to utilise their ‘over-spill’ time to assist, the whole project team can be part of creating something great.

If the motivation is to change the world, imagine being able to be part of that and truly receiving the recognition that your work deserves. Also, if it is a new and profitable business product, for example, imagine getting a bonus based on the share of the revenue gained?


So, at Aurora, we want to encourage your creativity, by working together we can achieve big things.