Our current vacancies include:


Tester & documentation author – To help us make sure that our customers receive the right ‘User Experience’, produce the right supporting material (user guides, videos etc.) that is robust and well tested. Also ensuring that all our products are rewarding and easy to use.

Sales team members and Commission only sales people – To help us reach out to the many places where our products will add value, generate interest and help boost growth.

Project Analyst – To help convert requirements into specifications, in conjunction with our short, medium term goals and always with a strong focus on the long term roadmap

Charity Consultant – To help work with Charities to improve their fundraising, efficiency, service offerings, transparency, partnerships and benefits delivery

DBA – To help ensure that our platform is secure, efficient and accurate, with a key focus on performance.

Ruby Developer Trainee – To help us to maintain and grow our platform utilising a range of technologies

Administrator - To help us stay on top of all the paperwork

Marketing and social media assistant - To help make sure that the information we put out is accurate, is of interest to our wide audience and to help manage our CRM.

Bloggers and Influencers - To help provide the necessary interesting content for our site visitors


… and more – If you believe you can help Aurora, we would like to know! You may be the missing ingredient we didn’t know was missing!

Our roles are all designed to support various flexible arrangement opportunities that are  (e.g. location, timetable, language) and may be available for engagement as a permanent employee, as a temporary worker, on a Zero Hour contract, or as a self-employed independent worker and are available on a full time, part time, adhoc, school timetable, or other arrangements that mutually suits both parties.

We also believe that because different people have different strengths, we may find the best skilled people in the strangest of places. Therefore, no matter what your perceived limitations, disabilities, or challenges, we believe Aurora may have a place for you.


Please contact us to find out more about our role’s, the flexible arrangements, working conditions and employment types.