Once you start working for a company, do they keep their promises? Training? Personal growth? Pay-rises and bonuses? Do they support you when you need time off?  Survey data, and personal experiences, shows us that most companies lure people through the door, and sadly, the promises are rarely delivered.

During a normal working week, most companies expect that you will remain motivated and deliver for the incentives of pay alone, or through the fear of not having a job.

Is it any wonder that most people grow to hate their jobs, dislike their working environment, and are always ready to find something new.


Even as an employer, Aurora focuses on win-win. And there are lots of ‘wins’ for the people that work for us.

Make no mistake; it’s not a “push over” company. They do expect people to work hard, work well, and show dedication, enthusiasm, constructive imagination, and good character at all times.

But their focus is to reward their people who put the effort in.

Work Hard. Play Hard.


Aurora believes in its screening process, regular reviews, and working with people to help build them up to become more skilled, and capable, often in ways previously unimagined.

But it is a two way street. And anyone who does not honour our values, work ethic, inter-personal cooperation, or produce results has the potential to receive help to find a new career elsewhere!

Aurora are not necessarily the highest payers, with the snazziest offices, and don't provide free pizza for lunch, but do focus on something few other companies do. They focus on helping their people to have a good work-life balance, and to have work they can enthusiastically contribute well to.

So if you believe Aurora sounds like the type of place you can contribute, contact us, and let us know.