Aurora's team has a long track record of re-inventing businesses from the ground up, with over a hundred working years across the team, as experts in their fields, for countless clients, across numerous industries and market sectors.

Over these years, we have seen it go wrong many times, believe we have learned how to fix it and to know when a company is right.

Based on this, we know that the primary secret to any company, is how it works with its people. At Aurora, we believe there is more to each of us, seeing the best in people and putting more of our available skills to good use.

Playing to each of our strengths is where we see our future.


In business, equipment and tools are called “Assets”, and people are called “Resources”. Yet, in the dictionary, “Resources” refers to expendable commodities that are burned up and discarded.  “Assets” refers to “what we treasure”. Should we really treasure a computer and printer more than a person?

We believe the business world has this the wrong way round. Although well chosen, refined, customised and integrated technology is the best choice for underpinning a solid business foundation, we also believe that equipment and or tools to aid work is generally replaceable and expendable, while people are our true assets.


Aurora also realises there is no such thing as a one trick pony. We know from experience, that skills are gained in some of the strangest places and are often cross-transferred from one industry to another, from one company to another, and from one situation to another, meaning one trick here is equivalent to 100 tricks elsewhere.

We are not only principles driven as a business, in terms of our values, but also in terms of understanding the principles of employment, business, technology and efficiency.

We only work with people who can be greater than the sum of their parts, who want to continually learn, develop, share what they know and those who are able to work both in a team and in isolation, as needed at any given moment.


In other words, flexible, adaptable and enthusiastic.

We believe that Aurora needs to always be the organisation that you want to work with. No gimmicks; just an ethical, socially responsible, efficient and productive company.

We are always looking for the right quality of people with the right talent or potential, who are always open to new ideas. We have a range of role types available, ranging from full time, school term time, part time, weekend, evening, overnight roles and are willing to consider others, if it brings us the right people.


As a result, we are offering a wide range of jobs and working opportunities.

See our vacancies section for more information, and read about our employment contract flexible arrangements, making Aurora unique in how we work with people that matter.