Every once in a while, great ideas come to life. But having a great idea is next to useless if it isn't put into action, and doesn't get the right attention, or backing.

As a socially responsible and highly ethical business, Aurora wants to change the world, and we believe business success will follow.

We believe that once the press and influencers see just how easily our products can and will save lives, revolutionise fundraising, and much more, that they will tell the world, and together we can begin to make a real difference.

We know we can't do it alone, and so are asking everyone willing to help to spread the world. To tweet, share, and tag their friends, for press exposure, and for charities and companies to come onboard for the greater good of us all.

So if you do just one thing today, please let it be to spread the world, on our mission to Bring Change to Good Causes.