One moment you're cycling happily in London, and the next.... Have you ever wondered, how the police, paramedics or any first responder would know who to contact, and how to provide the best treatment in an emergency? 

Many people with medical conditions, and those closest to them have probably considered this challenge, but few others have, with paramedics and first responders often struggling to know someone's identity, any medical concerns, or who to contact in an emergency.

Last year we launched our SmartBands. Within a few moments of the device arriving, it can be set up so that anyone that scans the band can help to identify the wearer, and know who to contact in an emergency, and what best help to provide.

This week we have also just launched our new webshop to allow you to buy these smart devices, and have expanded our range to include Smart Keyfobs and Smart Pet Tags, which are due to be available for delivery from early September.

Perfect for anyone doing anything where an accident may happen, not limited to just sports, children, school trips, elderly, or anyone with any special medical needs. The band can do so much more, including bookmarking your location, and even work with a wide range of registered charitity, and partners to bring you special deals, and help generate donations.

So consider a SmartBand or Smart KeyFob for yourself, and your loved ones.

Share, and tag anyone you can think may find this useful, and see if, together, we can help change the world.

Now available from our new live webshop!! Visit our deals section to buy your SmartBands, SmartTags, and more Partner offers being added soon.

Just one of the benefits for having a SmartDevices