Designed to save lives, speed up medical care, and help contact loved ones and carers, Aurora's SmartBands were designed to make a difference.

In Case of Emergency was an idea created by Paramedic Bob Brotchie, to help provide key medical and contact information. The Aurora SmartBands and other devices take this one giant step further.

As a first responder, using your own (NFC & data enabled) smartphone, you can view the owner/wearers medical information, medication routines, contact information for loved ones, and any special requests, enabling you to provide the best course of treatment, being more aware of any history that may be relevant.

More and more paramedics, nurses, and other medical specialists are already familar with Aurora's Medical Alert Smartbands and other Smart 'ICE' Devices, ranging from keyfobs to medical alert cards.

Help us spread the word, to tell other paramedics, nurses, first aiders, carers, doctors, and other first responders about the revolutionary Aurora Smart devices, and see how we can save lives, together.


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