With an astonishing 200,000+ charities in the UK alone, rising by over 5,000 per year, it is little wonder that donor fatigue, & increased apathy is at an all time high. With a challenged economy, fear of the Brexit unknowns in the media, & an increased bombardment of guilt & emotional pressures in and out of the workplace, people are learning to say “No".
For example, as our research recently uncovered, there are over 200 charities for homeless people in London, clearly demonstrating, not only huge overlaps, but also a vast amount of inefficiency & waste that a 
The primary reason behind establishing a charity is often because other similar charities work in subtly different areas, focus on different age ranges, sex or backgrounds, & at the same time, the world of charities has become aggressively infiltrated by opportunists, preying on those kind givers who want to make a difference.
Often the givers never see how their donations have made a difference, & are only reminded of the need for more money, without an end in sight.
Aurora wants charities to become more transparent as to the benefits they bring, in a more quantifiable manner, through the making of promises for how they will turn your money into something worthwhile, & ideally very measurable.
As such, Aurora, has launched a range of workshops for charities (& socially responsible businesses) to revolutionise their fundraising approach, focused on the numerous overlooked opportunities that exist to ethically raise funds in a way that encourages engagement, & addresses the top 3 (or more) challenges that all charities face.

Aurora works with a range of specialist companies to meet all your workshop & training needs.
To book a workshop, one-to-one session, or just for a chat on how we can help, contact us, to arrange.