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What Aurora Does - 2 of 3 - Life Saving Wearables

1st of April 2019 (Products_and_Services category)

Aurora offers 3 core product ranges, all working together to bring change to good causes:
1) Our Deals-For-Donations website, for businesses and charities to a) promote themselves at no cost, and b) to provide a platform for marketing, publicity, and for the end-to-end facilitation of sales. By sharing equally any of the small ‘commission’ earned with the charities of the buyers’ choices,, generated through the sale of products or services we sell on your behalf, we truly believe that we can make a real difference, and bring change to charities, and socially responsible businesses, on a global scale.
2) A unique range of life saving wearable technology (SmartBands & SmartDevices), designed to help anyone in need of medical care, by providing key medical, contact, and location information, and are ideal for anyone with long term health conditions, anyone vulnerable or requiring special care, including animals, or anyone at risk of potential injury.
3) Our long-standing business and charity hands-on consultancy and delivery services, including interim provisioning of key Niche roles, and assisting charities with limited resources
What Aurora does - 2 of 3.... The first product range is a revolutionary range of easy to use, affordable, and highly flexible wearable technology.
If you or a friend are involved in an accident and suffer from diabetes or other medical ailment, how does your rescuer know:
1. Your Medical history
2. Your Medication & dosage
3. Your Allergies, if any
4. Your Blood group
5. Who to contact
True, this vital information could all be contained on a card.
But how many of us carry such a card in our handbag or wallet?
And what if, instead of a card, first responders could simply access all this information through a durable, waterproof wristband, keyfob, sew-on button or other wearable device?
If you currently wear a medical alert wristband, it is likely to be either 'chunky' or if not, highly degradable, and often fairly costly. Happily, an ingenious lightweight wristband is on the market, that solves these problems & in addition, enables paramedics to view your medical details on their phone.
It even provides location information, helping Emergency Services, carers, or loved ones get to your position quicker.”
Smartbands use proven contactless NFC technology...the same ‘swipe-&-go’ technology found in travel-cards, passports, hotel keycards, credit cards, security tags, & more ...already in the hands of almost everyone with a Smartphone…
Available in a variety of forms from wristband & key fobs, to sew on buttons and stickers, making them practical, easy to use, & quick to set up, with NO subscription costs, NO batteries to charge, & designed to last.
And all with a range of extra benefits to enjoy every day.
Order yours today at Aurora.Enterprises, or pre-order our new designed bands, & remember to like us on Facebook, & Follow us on Twitter, and share our story across Social Media, and tell your friends how we can change the world together.

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