Aurora offers 3 core product ranges, all working together to bring change to good causes:
1) Our Deals-For-Donations website, for businesses and charities to a) promote themselves at no cost, and b) to provide a platform for marketing, publicity, and for the end-to-end facilitation of sales. By sharing equally any of the small ‘commission’ earned with the charities of the buyers’ choices,, generated through the sale of products or services we sell on your behalf, we truly believe that we can make a real difference, and bring change to charities, and socially responsible businesses, on a global scale.
2) A unique range of life saving wearable technology (SmartBands & SmartDevices), designed to help anyone in need of medical care, by providing key medical, contact, and location information, and are ideal for anyone with long term health conditions, anyone vulnerable or requiring special care, including animals, or anyone at risk of potential injury.
3) Hands-on help to charities and small businesses, assisting organisations with limited resources
As part of our mission, we invented a unique range of revolutionary life saving wearables, utilising well proven, tried, tested and easily available technology.