Aurora basically does 3 things, all with the primary purpose of helping good causes and saving lives.

The first is our charitable 'deals' website, the second is our unique range of life saving wearable techology, and the third are services to take the pain away from businesses and charities by (simply put) doing the things they don't want to.

The deals for Donations site is a voucher site, offering unique or discounted deals from local businesses, and rewarding buyers, not only with great deals, but with donations for them to allocate to the charities of their choice.

Since everyone wants to know what good their donations bring, we have geared our 'Giving platform' to work in conjunction with the promises that charities make. For example, giving £20 to a charity has litle meaning until described as a real, tangible, and practical easy to visualise benefit, such as saving a penguin, or buying medical equipment.

Most charities start with good intentions, and then get caught up with the red tape, and costs spiral to raise funds, and end up spending huge quantities of time and money on all the things needed just to keep the charity afloat. Aurora helps by working to eliminate a charity's 3 biggest challenges, and to help them to focus on what is important again.


Working with us, charities are able to make realistic promises of what donations will truly achieve, in a way that is tangible to the public.


By making charities explain exactly how YOUR donations will be used, by clearly explaining the what benefits that donations will bring.

Donors can give to the exact charitable campaign that is important to THEM, allowing people to not only enjoy great deals, but also truly make a difference.

Isn't it far better to know you have (for example) saved 3 penguins, fitted out a classroom in Cambodia, helped 2 homeless people receive sleeping bags, and taught 4 children to read in Kenya, than to simply have given £100 to charities without knowing the benefits that your kind donations can bring?

And isn't it even better to know you've created this donation simply by buying some great deals like afternoon tea, a spa day, a present for a friend, a photo shoot, and a selection of bath salts from Aurora's Deals for Donations site?



With any local business able to list themselves for free, and offer deals for a small percentage of a deal's sale price, it becomes a cost effective way for businesses to promote themselves (subject to satisfactory screening), build a following of charitable advocates, and help good causes in the process.



For charities, they are able to promote what the charity does, and make it easy and rewarding for everyone to receive donations to put towards what matters ot ther followers, with Aurora not taking a single penny from them whatsoever.


We know that you want to make a difference, whether it is to save penguins, cure cancer, or end homelessness, and we want to prove that together, using our Deals-For-Donations site at we can.


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