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(SAMPLE) Dutch Mountain Rescue Team
About (SAMPLE) Dutch Mountain Rescue Team

Never before have you heard such tales of bravery and valour, than those from the Dutch Mountain Rescue Team.


With little care for their own safety, and often without specialist equipment on hand, the team provide help to those with vertigo, stuck at the dizzy heights of the Netherlands famous peaks. Without the use of assisted oxygen, safety harnesses, or even ropes, the Dutch Mountain Rescue team need you to help them.

(If by now, you've not realised, this is an April Fool joke, and this particular cause is not real. The Netherlands is almost as flat as a pancake! We hope you enjoy the video we did below!!!!)

Registered Charity No: AprilHumour
Registered Business No: a
Registered Address: Limburg, NL
Category: Emergency Services and military

Aims and Promises:

Campaign Aim - Helping encourage self-sufficiency to survive the harsh Dutch wilderness
With £ 200 - we promise to print 20000 flyers
With £ 100 - we promise to train 50 people with how to survive in the Dutch wilderness
With £ 10 - we promise to create 2 Nut and Snack first aid pack(s)
Campaign Aim - To use donations to help create life saving awareness to visitors of the Dutch peaks
No promises have been made yet.

Our review

The Dutch Mountain Rescue team bring bravery to a new level..... Sea level. Mountain rescue teams world-wide are responsible for providing help to those in need, trapped, injured, or distressed on many peaks around the globe. Without mountain rescue teams, countless people would have died, or lost hope of recovery. Mountain rescue services provide awareness of the dangers of entering mountains, help maintain signs, maps and life-saving equipment, and provide peace of mind to help people explore places that would otherwise carry far greater risks.

Funds raised for Mountain Rescue teams can be spent quickly with a single rescue, and it is impossible to accurately know just how long donations will last. But as with all campaigns on the portal, we are asking Charity Administrators to make it as clear as possible as to just how far donations will go.

OK. you got us! The Dutch Mountain Rescue Team does not really exist. This created to help other charties to register on our free business and charity directory, helping Charities to promote their causes. But since we had to spend some time creating the example, why not, at least, make it amusing.

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