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Medical Emergency (ICE) SmartBands

offered by Aurora ICE Products

Get your Emergency SmartBand for yourself or your loved ones, to provide greater peace of mind.

The Type 2 band is double sided, and elasticated. (Circumference 160mm) (RRP £20, on special offer at just £10 for a limited time)

Use a SmartBand to help you get the right help in an emergency, help first responders know who to contact in an emergency, bookmark your location, and provide you easy access to special deals.

All SmartBands, Smart Keyfobs, and Smart Pet-Tags are super-easy to setup. Designed for simplicity, all you need to do is simply scan the device with an NFC smartphone (iPhone 7 or above, and the majority of Android and Windows Smartphones), open your web browser, and you will be guided through the rest. 

Easy to set up, and add your ICE information. If you already have an account, it can take just seconds to set up!

Update your 'ICE' information online on your mobile, your laptop, or even and iPad or tablet.

Designed to be both simple and intuitive, and easy to use in an emergency, simply scan the band/keyfob/pet tag, and the medical, medication, and contact information you have chosen to show will be displayed via the internet, along with current location, and even alerting carers when swiped.


Our Location: London

NOW ONLY : £10.00
£20.00 (50.0% OFF)

Donation: 5%

Time Remaining:

Terms: In the interests of fraud prevention, we will only ship to the card holders address.

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