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PRE-ORDER - NEW DESIGN - Medical Emergency (ICE) Bracelet

offered by Aurora ICE Products

This new design is made even easier for paramedics, and first responders (first aiders, nurses, doctors etc.) to be able to identify, and react to, making them our best product yet for helping someone get the help they needs.

Along with all of the benefits of being and ICE product owner, these reversible bands show a Medical Alert on one side, and show a plain fashionable dark grey style on the other, making them easy to use and as conspicuous or inconspicuous as you wish.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 155mm circumference (S)
  • 182mm circumference (L)
  • 205mm circumference (X)

Desiged to be incredibly easy to set up and use, these Aurora ICE products require no membership, are waterproof and laundry proof, and require no batteries or charging.

This new style will be arriving in late May, so PRE-ORDER YOURS TODAY!

NOW ONLY : £10.00
£20.00 (50.0% OFF)

Donation: 5%

Time Remaining:

Terms: This pre-order will be shipped once manufactured and quality checked. We only ship to cardholder's address. Please include size request in notes when ordering. If this is not omitted, we shall contact you by email for you to confirm the size.

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