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Interim Technology Director (monthly)

offered by Aurora Business Consultants

Not every organisation can justify a full time technical specialist, able to work with any aspect of technology, and how it integrates and supports the organisation, and as a consequence, many organisations never get access to such skills.

As such, by taking what we do on a large scale, we have created a range of custom packages for small businesses, which we offer in the form of a monthly 'hands-on'technology service, giving you your very own CTO (Chief Technology Officer). THis enables your business to stay on top of how technology can best fit your needs (both cost effectively, and in terms of scaling to meet your demands.


Why wrap your business around technology, when instead, we can help you fit the right technology to support the stability and growth of your organisation. We work to eliminate bottlenecks, and deal with technical challenges and opportunities, in order to make your business work more effectively, and therefore cost effectively.


After an introductory first month offer, we are confident that we can help you find the right balance of time and effort, to provide a cost effective way to improve your business.

This introductory fee includes:

a) Initial assessment and report on your business, customers, stakeholders, supporting technology, and technical opportunities for enhancing your business, according to alignment with your short, mid and long term roadmap.

b) 4x 1 hour meeting (by telephone) + 2 hours of 'follow-up action time' per meeting. (Totalling 12 hours of specialist technical expertise !!!)

NOW ONLY : £600.00
£800.00 (25.0% OFF)

Donation: 5%

This deal is currently unavailable

Terms: Note: Depending on your location, we may suggest that all work, other than an initial review, is carried out remotely. As on site presence is optional, additional visits may be subject to the addition of travel costs. Time spent will be allocated as effectively as possible, working on your business in the most effective way, subject to the mode of transport mutually agreed.

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