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One-Liner T-Shirt, exclusively from the Words of Wisdom clothing line

offered by Robert Eddison

Robert Eddison has launched his exclusive range of clothing, in conjunction with Aurora.

Author and world-class Robert Eddison brings us his special range of exclusive clothing line.
Sporting one of his classic 'one-liners' from his best selling book "Wisdom and Wordplay”.

Exclusively at : £14.99

Donation: 5%

Time Remaining:

Terms: 5% of the item value will be donated to a cause. Because this product is purchased from a non-Aurora webshop, tracking may not always be possible. Tracking this donation can only be done if the email used for purchase is the same as the email from your Aurora account.: Donations which cannot be tracked back to the purchaser will be placed into a central donation pool. See our help and support section on "unallocated donations".

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