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Stag Party 'ICE' T-Shirts - Pack of 10 - (Personalised)

offered by POD People

Set of 10 x Print-On-Demand t-shirts, ideal for remembering a stag party!

High quality t-shirt, with printed design front and back, with Aurora's ICE labels to help provide medical or insurance information in an emergency, bookmark where you have been, or help send locations to one another.

(For more inforation on ICE products, search 'ICE' on the Aurora webshop)

Exclusively at : £199.99

Donation: 5%

This deal is currently unavailable

Terms: After purchase, you will receive a voucher with instructions. This includes a request for names to be used on the t-shirts. For each t-shirt a size, name, and colour can be specified. (Max 20 Characters) Postage is included for this package. Extra t-shirts are available, either as a multi-pack (x5 @£109 and x10 @£199), or individually (@£22.99 each). Other designs also available. Please contact us  NOTE: Personalised printed t-shirts are non-returnable/refundable NOTE: We only ship to the cardholder’s registered address.

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