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Dedications and Thanks

8. Amazed by how many ways there are to use SmartBands & how you help charities!

7. Well & truly impressed with your innovative gadgets, such life saving potential

6. Excellent product I will be recommending this to my mum and family

5. 2018, here we come....

3. T&A - ATOY - A&F

2. To FM – Thank you for always being there. Glad we are on the road together x

1. To my best friend, Tom Petherbridge. World will never be the same without you

* This page contains "Thanks, Dedications and Messages" from our contributing supporters.
* To add a Thank-you or dedication, visit our Crowdfunding Campaign and buy a "Thanks", select an emoji and add a message (max 80 characters)
* Your thanks will go a long way - Half of what we receive from your "Thank-you" donation will go towards the next phase platform development, and half will go towards good causes.

For more detais of how to submit a dedication visit the Dedication Instructions page

Your Thanks/Dedication is here to stay. It will only ever be removed if specifically requested by you, as the contributor, if the dedication does not meet the simple 'no-offence' rule, or in extreme circumstances only.

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