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Frequently Asked Questions are periodically added to this section. If you have a question related to the Aurora platform that is not covered here, please contact us.

Wearables - ICE Smartbands and Smart Tags: 

Q - I have bought a Smartband. What do I do next?

A - If you follow the instructions on the postcard, or alternatively visit the 'How to' guides. (more are always being added to help make it easy to find an answer)

Q - How do I get an email every time the band is scanned

A - This is called a Carer Alert, and can be set up from the device's settings. Visit 'My Account->Devices->More Details-> Carer settings). Remember to save your settings for them to work

Q - No location is shown when scanned on my mobile

A - This is probably because the phone's location settings are turned off. Any mobile used to scan the tags require the browser to be able to display the location.

Q - My phone does not have NFC. Can I still use the tags

A - An NFC/data enabled smartphone is required to scan a tag, but this does not stop you from being able to adjust any of the settings for a registered tag, or from receiving any information, such as alerts or GPS history. An estimated 93% of mobile smartphones have NFC. It is most important for a paramedic/first-aider to have NFC, as it will rely upon them to scan your devices with their own phones.

Q - Do the tags work in places without data

A - The tags can only be used to display ICE or custom messages if there is a data connection, (either from the phone company, or via WiFi). Also, the location is only shown if the phone has/shares your GPS location (obtained either from the internet service provider, or from the phone's GPS).


Q - Does it capture any details of the scanning phone?

A - Not really. The platform captures the browser type (Chrome/Firefox/Mozilla/Safari etc.) but little else, and this information if not shared with the device owner. We take data securiy seriously, and your data is well protected.

Q - Is it compliant with GDPR

A - Yes. The only information shown is information that you make available in your device messages. We advise you not typing in anything too personal, including your address, and try to restrict the information to what may be of benefit in an emergency, such as medication, blood group, and key contact information of friends or family.

Deals & Donations: 

Q - I made a purchase through one of your deal partners a few minutes ago, but it is not showing in my balance to donate

A - Unfortunately, the tracking of donations can take time, as it relies upon the partner recognising the purchase, who made the purchase, the amounts involved and so much more. Once we receive confirmation from them, we can add it to your account. You will also be notified by email.

Q - What is the difference between reserving a donation and making a donation?

A - When you use your donation balance, it first has to be reserved against a charity's campaign. Then, once you decide that the reserved balance is high enough, you complete the donation process, giving us permission to then send that donation to the charity. The 'reservation' is a middle step. Think of it like a 'piggy bank' or 'collecting jar' where you are holding the donation until you are ready to make your donation.

Q - I Have reserved a balance in a charity's "campaign pot", but I cannot get it back out.

A - Once you reserve money for a charity, it is a one-way street, like a savings account. It can be sent at any time, but you can continue to build it up in the meanwhile.

Q - Why bother reserving?

A - Even though they can't access it, a charity can log in and see just how much has been reserved, giving them a better idea of how successful their campaign has been.

Q - Can I donate without reserving?

A - At present, no. We are hoping that people will monitor their favourite campaigns and continually reserve donation’s for what matter to them at that moment, . Our Shop-Earn-Donate is more accurately a 4 step donation process.... Shop....Receive....Reserve....Donate.

Q - Can I provide Gift Aid?

A - Due to the fact that the donations are generated before any tax has been applied, there is no tax to reclaim, so Gift Aid does not apply. We are though constantly looking at ways to maximise how much we can donate to worthy causes.

Q - So you do not want my Gift Aid details?

A - At present, no. We have no current intentions whatsoever to request any personal information from you, other than your email address.

Q - Can I donate directly to a charity?

A - We can help put you in touch with the charity to help you make any donations directly, but we don't actually get involved in this process, other than to simply introduce you. Personal direct donations can benefit from Gift-Aid tax relief, so having your UK tax information will help you generate even more for your cause.

Q - Why is a donation 'pending'? Can I not just reserve/allocate it to a charity?

A - No. Until the actual donation is received, the transaction could be reversed. We know that the pending process can take some time and are looking at ways of speeding this up.

Q - Can I track my donations?

A -Yes. You can see your donations in your 'My Account' section on the Aurora Portal

Q - I would like to work with you to sell my goods through you. How can we do this?

A - There are lots of ways to partner with us. For smaller merchants, the most cost-effective way is to subscribe through our partner Next-Big Deal on Aurora, who will then allow you to upload your goods for sale, with only a fee of 10%+VAT on any sale. (* 10% rate is correct at time of publication)

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