At the October 4th at the Bedfordshire small business marketing through technology seminar, working with a range of businesses and charities across Beds, Bucks, and Herts, attendees will learn how to use a range of free tools online to aid the success of their business.

We are proud to be included as a co-host for the event, in conjunction with Full Circle Website Design, a socially responsible business, focused on helping businesses make the most out of available web technology, as well as the Kings Arms Outreach Charity, working to offer assistance to those caught in the rough sleeping and homeless trap.

Our collective mission is to create a 'virtuous circle', by helping small businesses to become more successful, and thereby helping create more affluence in the local area, further creating opportunities for success with partnering charities.

To register your business, charity, club, or non-profit organisation on the website, simply complete your details in the form directly below, verify your email, and log in to complete the missing information for your free listing.

But please DO remember after verifying your email address to then log in to complete your listing!!!


We also ask that you share our mission with other businesses and charities, and help others to benefit from what Aurora has to offer

This document may help to create a framework for helping tell others what you are good at, and how others can help make what you do reach more people: 

Below is a high level reminder of what Aurora is proud to offer:

  • A free businesses and charities website directory, helping businesses promote what they offers, and raising awareness of the missions each charity is working to benefit
    • A free directory of businesses (B2B and B2C) who wish to promote themselves to a wider audience
    • A free charities directory, helping people appreciate the benefits that donations can bring (e.g. for every £100, the charity promises to save 3 penguins, or in a differnt promise, with a target of £200,000, they promise to buy a portable MRI scanning machine, with 5 years servicing included). We are helping charities to identify realistic promises that they can make, and keep!
    • A (low cost) ‘no-sale, no fee’ shopping platform where you can promote any special deals (we manage the end to end process, and you get paid for providing your deal)
    • A ‘giving’ platform with half of our sales fee being given back to your customer for them to donation to the causes they believe in, supporting what is truly important to them
    • An ideal platform for companies to attractive deals, or offer end of line stock clearances with very low sales overheads
  • A range of specially manufactured life saving smart wearables (providing key ‘ICE’ medical or contact information through any NFC enabled smartphone – and no special app!):
    • Medical alert smart-bracelets, bands, pet-tags, keyfobs, sew-on tags, stickers, cards, sew on buttons, watch bands, and custom products
    • For anyone with a medical ailment, including dementia sufferers – with details of medication, allergies, and carer/contact details
    • For pets – ideal for pets that might get lost, have medical conditions, or are with someone who may themselves need assistance
    • For sports people, such as runners, cyclists, triathletes, scuba divers, and sailors, carrying key medical, contact, or insurance information
    • For safety equipment (e.g. from life jackets to high visibility jackets)
    • Highly flexible products, with a range of extra uses, from asset tagging and auditing, to museums, exhibitions, events, festivals, and more
  • Consultancy services for companies and charities:
    • Project management (supported by over 25 years of managing projects from just a few thousand to £330 million budget)
    • Hands-on business coaching services + offering a ‘business handy-man’ service, taking on the things you don’t know, don’t like, or don’t have skills, patience, or time for, leveraging decades of cross-industry experience at a wide range of companies
    • Helping charities to identify untapped revenue streams, without resorting to guilt and emotional pressure that is damaging the industry
    • Training – A range of our own courses (including CPD courses), as well as delivering custom training, effectively tailored for your staff’s needs
    • Corporate training events, networking, and joint ventures