As Christmas is fast approaching, I started to wonder how many of you buy a Christmas Present for your team, if you do is it appreciated – or expected? and does it have a motivating effect?
Employee recognition is best approached regularly and creatively. While money is an important way to say thank you, once money is spent, it is easily forgotten. It is as if the recognition never happened.
I can help you to you develop a work environment that fosters employee recognition and hence, employee and customer success.
Motivated employees do a better job of serving customers well. Happy customers buy more products and are committed to using your services. When more customers buy more products and services, your company's profitability and success will skyrocket. Are you interested in ways to say thank you at work? One would hope so. In a workplace committed to creating an attitude of gratitude and employee recognition on a daily basis, every day should be Thanksgiving Day. Employee recognition doesn't have to be expensive and is appreciated by employees in almost any form. Contact me for more ways to creatively recognise you team –