At this difficult time, we all need to do our bit.

Charities are struggling to get enough funds to support their cause. Similarly many small local businesses slowly watch their businesses close. For those able to weather the storm, either with or without receiving government help, the best thing is to prepare for the end of the lockdown.

For others, this is a time to share what they do. One company offering those in need is ICE SmartBands, who are giving away medical alert bracelets to help the vulnerable and those on the front line. For other companies, this period is a chance to do what they can, and share what they do.

If you know any businesses offering help, or any charities needing help, contact us, so we can help share their journey.


Aurora has a Deals platform (Deals for Donations) to aid local businesses, with a free (no obligation) business & charity directory.

Businesses can use the platform to help people know that they exist, know where they are, let them know what they, both during & after this Corona Crisis.

For registered charities, it is a chance to help people understand what benefits they bring, and how donations are translated into real life benefits. The key is tangibility. For example, give £10 to 'Save the Penguin', & save 3 penguins. Simple. Relatable. Demonstrable.


If you run a business or charity, register now. It's quick, simple, & easy!

Better still, we don't charge a penny! Free advertising. No costs. No obligations!


The portal is designed to offer a wide range of additional benefits to registered businesses & charities. Registration is a simple 3 step process. For full instructions click here

Step 1 is to fill out the form. (Step 2 = check your email & verify your email address, + Step 3 = visit the site to complete your charity or business profile).

Start the process today! The sooner you register, the sooner you can be seen!