Dry January month - reminding people of the effects of harmful drinking. 

Christmas party season may mean a significant increase in alcohol consumption for a lot of us. Be a part of dry January to take a break and join the annual movement where millions of people will give up alcohol for the month of January. 

Some may be able to limit their drinking but others have a difficult time controlling their alcohol consumption. Alcohol can affect your lifestyle, body, mental health in both the short and long term. Alcohol affects each individual in a different way as every person is different. Knowing the line between moderate and heavy alcohol consumption is important. The effects of alcohol have an individual are depended on influences such as the amount consumed, tolerance to alcohol and medical history.

Maybe your thinking about your drinking or about someone close to you; drinking too much, too often or just want to give it a break? Being aware of your relationship with alcohol and understanding the balance is key. Taking a break from booze may lead to you deciding to cut down in the long term which will have health benefits.

With 4.2 million people planning to take part in Dry January 2019, why not be apart and create awareness.

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