With all media attention focused on a World War of man vs microbe, raging at our front door, Charities are under greater than ever pressure, unable to raise funds to support the cause that drove them into existence.

With so many worthwhile charities out there struggle to be known and recognised in a 'normal' world, but at the present time, this challenge is almost insurmountable, with many unable to proceed without the help from the volunteer workforce, estaimated at over 20 million each year, in the UK alone.

As fun as the videos, jokes, & entertaining commentary may be on social media (and some of it is truly very funny), the world outside our 4 wall is crumbling.

Many of us could spare a few hours to help support the charities we believe in, whether local, national, or international, and do something truly worthwhile, in our time of isolation. It doesn't mean giving up on Tea & Netflix. It doesn't mean giving away money either!

Volunteering can be as simple as helping share the stories from the charities we believe in. It could be as simple as making contact with people who need to be listened to. It could be through making things to sell online for the cause, or trying to create a viral video and tagging the charity to help raise their profile.


There are countless ways to help good causes.

We've recognised the strain that worthwhile charities have been under for some time. In the UK alone, there are over 200,000 registered charities. Needless to say we can't support them all, but we can select those that are able to make a real difference.

We are asking ALL charities to register on our free Charity directory to help people know what you do, why, what you most need (volunteers, money, or whatever it may be), & the quantifiable benefits a donation will bring, putting it into terms of achievement, & not in terms of cold figures. i.e. exactly what the money being spend will achieve e.g. £20 will look after one rescue donkey for a week, or £5 will feed 3 homeless people per day, or £10 will save 3 injured penguins.

The directory is completely free, and has no hidden costs. We do this because we want to make a difference. Being able to look in the mirror & know the good we've all done is truly priceless.

If you are a charity, add yourself to the directory, including all links to your social media and website (so people can easily find you, & find out about you, & go to you directly). Use it to tell people how they could spend a bit of their time to #VolunteerInIsolation, that would really make a positive difference.

You never know, they may find it a lot more engaging and rewarding than being #BoredAtHome

There's no harm in asking!


So register today, and help us build a network of volunteers to help us get through this together.