Brexit is such a volatile word. Sadly, all I see in the media and on social media about Brexit are posts from people mourning leaving the EU.

We have had a marriage with the EU for 47 years, and if we were all 100% happy with the marriage it never would have ended.

Media hype seems to use posts to imply that Brexit is now somehow going to open up the UK to allowing and supporting racist acts.

Firstly, it won't! Anyone being racist should be punished accordingly. It has nothing to do with the laws around Brexit. (Let's face it, a racist typing & printing a note to stick on a tower block door seems more staged for media attention, than a reflection of the views of the more intelligent masses!). Any racist who think that their 'genes' are somehow better only prove through behaviour quite the opposite if this is the sort of thing that they turn to doing.

Not many of us, except the more mature baby-boomers, can remember what it was like 50 years ago before our EU relationship status changed from "single", to "married". Any relationship can deteriorate with time, and living in it day after day, we can lose sight of the other opportunities out there and no longer be aware of any EU led constraints that we have simply come to accept as the norm.

Ending our EU relationship, or to be more precise, changing our status to "it's complicated" gives us a new opportunity to negotiate a new relationship agreement, like marriage counselling with a former-spouse, for the sake of the children. After all, we're not going to float away, and Europe will always be just a short hop across the channel, so why are we (wrongly) acting like somehow we are at war with Europe?

After 47 year, many thought the marriage had gone stale. Sure, there were some advantages, but also there were some restrictions. We now have the chance for a fresh start. It's not a time of divide, but a time for a new beginning. It should be an exciting time, as the country has a lot to offer.

Quite frankly, I believe in self sufficiency. Blame solves nothing. I believe in being able to stand by ourselves. that doesn't mean we have to, but it does mean we have the skills to.

We are now in unique position where we as a country are not bound to adhere to all the EU rules which we have had to since 1973, and can, as a country, now pick and choose the 'good' ones that are best for the UK, and eliminate the 'bad' ones that we have outgrown or that simply don't support us.

We're not raising anchor, and sailing into the Atlantic. We are staying still, and Europe will continue to be our Neighbour. Switzerland hasn't ever been in the EU, and it's doing pretty well for itself, without the need for panic & locking down borders, or for constant media led fear-mongery.

The end of the EU marriage is nothing to mourn. We still live next door, and no-one is stopping us from passing by for a visit. Instead it's a new opportunity for us to grow, and to get our neighbourly relationship right. It's time to discover what we are capable of again, and to become friends with our 'ex' without having to share a marital bank account, and not to continue this divide that seems to have emerged during the end of this increasingly toxic divorce.

I believe anyone should be allowed to come to this country IF they can 'contribute' by more than they may 'take'. (I also think this should apply to everyone!) The UK should be a country of contributors, innovation, hard work, and rich rewards, whatever anyone's language or distant genetic origins.

Sadly though, peace does not sell papers, and I think the media will continue to use Brexit stories to promote volatile headlines, that offend almost everybody, because it makes for good clickbait stories, even though they don't reflect the opinions of the vast majority of the country's inhabitants.

Brexit is done. It's behind us. Whether each of us agreed with it or not, it's finished, and we are all on the same island. Isn't it time we stopped using it as an excuse for hatred & blame, and instead looked forward at what we can all achieve by pulling together?