Aurora SmartCards are designed to help the Homeless
Homeless ‘Bob’ (insert name of any of the many tens of thousands of men and women in the UK alone) is down on his luck.
Imagine Bob comes up to you and asks you for money?
Do you worry how Bob might spend donations, wondering whether it would just fund a drug, or alcohol habit, for example?
How will you truly respond?
  • Give him money, and perhaps risk prolonging the problem?
  • Ignore him, continue walking, and turn up the music in your headphones?
  • Maybe you’ll buy him lunch, or a drink.
  • Perhaps you’ll tell him to get a job...
Is any of this going to actually get Bob off the streets?
Now imagine Bob comes up to you asking if you can help him get off the streets. You see his unique Aurora Donation Card (such as in the picture), and scan it with either your NFC enabled Smartphone to read Bob's card, or use you phone camera to read his unique QR code.
  • You can then read all about him, why he’s on the streets, about his skills, and perhaps what he did for a living before his life turned, and about his recovery plan for a home, finding and keeping respectable work, and how he intends to contribute to society in a more meaningful way.
  • You can choose to add Bob’s campaign to your favourites, or to read Bob’s personal blog, allowing you to track his progress, with ‘live’ updates on progress on his Recovery Plan
  • You can then choose to donate DIRECTLY to the Charity that manages his spending, who make sure some of this is used for his daily needs, and the rest goes towards truly getting him off the streets, in the form of rent, professional clothing, training, and whatever will make the change permanent.
  • You can choose to donate with the rewards you receive from buying some of the deals on Aurora from local businesses (more coming soon). After all, if you’ve got a great deal on afternoon tea, isn’t it a good option to use the donation you are rewarded with, to help make a difference for someone like Bob?
And whether you donate or not, you can help Bob further by spreading the word, e.g. by social media, helping give him an opportunity, perhaps otherwise difficult to find.
Between us all, we can make a difference in so many ways. We are already starting to work with a range of Homeless Charities in Beds and Bucks, but if you know any other Homeless Charity, tell them about us, and to contact us, so they can take advantage of the work we've already done, which we are very happy to share!
Whatever your enterprise, from parrot rescues to pizza shops, or from night shelters to nursing homes, why not contact us, to see how we can help revolutionise what you do. Why wait....Let us change the world together, TODAY!
A note for the sceptics:
We make our money from selling our Smart Devices (such as our Medical Information SmartTech keyfob that could EASILY save a life for just a one off cost of just £5), and through offering on Aurora some great deals (min. 20% discount) from local merchants. We truly want to make a difference, and believe there is so much more to be gained by working with, rather than taking advantage of worthwhile charities. All registered Charities can sign up to our platform for FREE, list campaigns for FREE, write blogs for FREE, and to avoid us becoming a bottleneck or extra overhead, we don't even get involved in direct donations either!
Contact us for more details of how we can help your charity.
An idea is no good, if no-one knows about it. So (please) spread the word...!!
(Search 'Homeless Bob' on the website, to read more about the DEMO campaign)