Have you ever wondered why some mobiles have an In Case of Emergency (ICE) setting available to show on the home screen? If you are involved in an accident, and your phone isn't damaged or flat, if you've set an ICE message, first responders may get to see it. Although you wouldn't necessarily advertise your medical conditions on there, it's a great way for people to know who to contact, and to help identify you. Also, as part of the campaign, setting your loved ones to a contact called ICE, means that anyone with your phone will know who to speak with In Case of an Emergency.
Today, I met the man behind ICE, who created this campaign, still globally growing, even more than 13 years later.
For many years, Bob worked as a paramedic, for both the Air Ambulance, and on the ground. During this time, he focused mainly on the body, and providing first aid in the moment. After he retired, he moved more into providing first aid for people’s minds, through a psychology technique called Mindfulness, designed to help provide mental first aid for trauma, stress and overwhelm, as well as counselling, and performance coaching.
Prior to meeting Bob, after seeing his photos, I found everything pointing to a laid back and insightful character, and wondered how Bob could somehow become involved with Aurora. After all, anyone who puts helping others at the heart of everything he does, is good in my books!
From our first contact, before we met, I found Bob both polite & respectful, with a strong air of genuine caring. Everything about him on the internet is humbling, and so I was wondering whether face to face he would meet up with this image I had built. Quite frankly, he was even nicer than I had imagined.
Bob and I discussed Aurora, the Deals for Donations site, and just how the SmartBands interacted to generate donations for good causes, but mainly, of no surprise, Bob was extremely impressed with Aurora's Smart-Technology and the ICE capabilities, requiring no special app, and just an NFC enabled Smartphone with an internet connection.
Bob, who runs a successful Mindfulness business, provides training courses, and often speaks publicly about ICE, and his time as a paramedic, with the importance of having key information immediately available, knows first hand what it is like to wake up in hospital without loved ones around, from an accident  in his early teenage days, and this, coupled with his impressive career caring for people within the NHS, led him to launch ICE in the early 2000's.
We are pleased to have such a great testimonial feedback from Bob, whose enthusiasm for what we are doing could clearly be seen during our 3 hours together, and am sure that his valued input will not stop there, as he accepted our offer to become an Ambassador for Aurora, and our ICE products.