ICE was a scheme started by first responders for first responders (paramedics, firefighters, police, first aiders etc.) to help people receive the right medical treatment in an emergency.

Whether or not you have a medical condition, wouldn’t it be great if in an emergency, someone could simply swipe your wearable Smart-Tech band, or keyfob, and know whether to consider any medical conditions or medication that may affect treatment, be able to help emergency services get to where you are, and know who to contac, all through a well constructed emergency message, with a photograph to aid identification too?

Well with ICE SmarBands smart wearables, you can!! Welcome to ICE.... version 2!

And as long as the phone has NFC enabled, no special app is needed!!

So Buy one from the webshop now, and be ready…. In case of Emergency.
Device and Smartphone in and Emergency