It's not like riding a bike. A sweaty muscular horse with a mind of its own can sometimes do the unexpected, & accidents can happen.

If that happened to you, or a loved one, how would people know who to contact, & how might your horse or lost eqipment find its way safely back to you?

In support of the British Horse Society charity, we are offering horse riders a special offer on Medical Alert/ID ICE tags, for attaching to tack or clothing, designed to help first responders know any critical medical concerns (such as diabetes, allergies, previous injuries etc.), as well as who to contact in an emergency.

These can also send a 'location' alert to a selected contact(s), when read by any NFC/data enabled smartphone (that's around 95% of modern smartphones!), making them great for not only getting you the help you need, but also for helping you get back any lost property.


No special app is required, and there's no subscription fees either!

OFFER DETAILS: During the month of April, if you visit the ICE smartbands online shop, and use code 'BHS', you will get a fantastic discount per item of just £3 per sew-on smart-tag, keyfob, pet tag, each for just £6.99 (with free shipping on any orders over just £10).
We will also give £1 per tag sold using this coupon to the British Horse Society charity!
Peace of mind, & help support a good cause too!

Learn more about our sew-on Medical Alert/ID ICE Tags by clicking here