ICE SmartBands can save lives. We want to do "our bit". So we're giving away 100 Medical ID wristbands (including postage) to people in need.

Although as a small business we can't afford to just give away free products every day, at times like this, if it saves just one extra life, it'll be more than worth it.

Corona has turned the world upside down, with people being rushed into hospital, unaccompanied, all alone.

With the NHS and other health services globally under excessive stress, mistakes are easy to make. It is important to make sure that ICE information (standing for In Case of Emergency), such as allergies, medical conditions, and contact details for people that understand your needs, is both easily accessible, but also kept up to date.

We believe in our ICE Smartbands, and how they can make a real difference, save lives, and bring peace of mind to loved ones.

If we can together help save just ONE life, give peace of mind for loved ones, or help someone vulnerable to be able to live a better life, it'll be worth it.


What we are asking:

To help us find people in need, visit us on Facebook or Twitter share this post (and please like and follow us). Tag friends who might spread the word. You know. The ones who always ask you to like pages. Now it's your turn to ask!

If you know of someone who many benefit, add a comment. Tell us how it might help/affect their life. If you comment is popular, we'll contact you, and send you/them one.

We will even help you get it set up over the phone so that it arrives ready to use! No strings. No catch.

If you're a lucky recipient, you could always show your appreciation by spreading the word on social media & tagging us so we can see too, sending us a photo of them with their new shiny ICE Smartband, writing a testimonial, or simply telling others about it. No obligation, but it would be nice!


Want To Get One Now?

If you want to guarantee that someone you love will receive one, buy a limited edition ICE Smartband (Corona Support Edition) for just £12.99. Enter discount code corona for free shipping too!
For every item you buy using this code, we'll donate £5 to either support the NHS, or support a charity you choose!

Please help us spread the word, by sharing this article on all of your social media platforms!!!

How Medical ID ICE Smart Wristbands work, using NFC feature of most smartphones.

Click for a demo

In brief, what are ICE Smartbands, and how can they save lives?

Having up-to-date health/medical and contact information on hand is so important.

Our Medical ID ICE Smart wristbands are easy to use, convenient to carry, lightweight, durable and affordable.

They provide quick and easy access to important health/medical & contact information, using well proven NFC technology. They are also available as key fobs, buttons, badges, and many other designs too.

How Medical ID ICE Smart Wristbands can save lives:

  • Helps make your ICE (medical & contact) information quickly and easily accessible to first responders. Medical wristbands and wearables are one of the first things paramedics & first aiders are trained to look for
  • Simple to access by over 95% of today’s smartphones, and no Special App is needed!
  • Keep your ICE information up-to-date. Setup takes under a minute. Change it any time
  • No Batteries, means no Charging. Guaranteed to work!
  • Works Worldwide
  • Automatically send a location alert to selected contacts/carers when read with an NFC/data enabled smartphone (*)
  • 100% Waterproof / Washproof, with many of our products also being fully laundry proof
  • Affordable one off price with no subscription costs or hidden extras
  • A wide range of extra benefits for owners/wearers too!

Find out more at or see our brochure below!


Please help us spread the word, & spread the importance of ICE and ICE smartbands in saving lives !!! Stay Safe, Carry ICE !!!

* 95% of today's smartphones have a feature called NFC, allowing them to read tags around 1cm away. You ether know of NFc or you don't, but it's been around for quite a while, and is in passports, driving licences, hotel keycards, and many more places you've probably never even realised. Most phones have NFC working straight out of the box, iPhones (X and up), most Android phones e.g. Samsung, Huawei, Sony LG, etc. For iPhone models 7 & 8 you may need to download an NFC reader app, with many free to choose from on the App store. This means almost everyone with a smartphone can offer help in an emergency!