NFC is the worldwide standard used for a range of uses. Otherwise known as RFID, uses for this technology include:

  • Hotel keys
  • Shop security tags and product packaging tags
  • Animal livestock tags
  • Electronic Car Keys
  • B&B Keyfobs
  • Passports, driving licences, and security identification
  • Contactless payment bank cards

.... and now our life saving ICE Smart Devices

This means we are building on well proven, tried and tested technology, making it robust, affordable, and highly durable, and easy to use with most Smartphones.

NFC technology is a standard for Android Phones, Windows Phones, and even iPhones (although only unlocked by Apple on iPhones 7 and above).

In 2019, we predict NFC technology to be 'everywhere', with countless projects being launched to maximise this simple, and durable technology, in a range of fantastic ways.


NFC is used in ICE SmartBands. Learn more about ICE SmartBands life saving wearables, by visiting the site