When you first set up an account with Aurora, you can choose to add an ICE (In Case of Emergency) message, which can be changed at any time.
For owners of ICE smart tags, this is used as your default message when your tag/band is scanned.
But you may be a carer for an elderly person, have 2 cars in the household, 3 children, a dog and a cat. Having one or more devices for each person, pet, or set of keys means that you may, or may not, want different messages to be displayed for each, without having to set up individual accounts for each!
For example, your own band may want to show your ICE information, your car keys may want to show the information for you and your partner, either of whom might be driving, your children’s bands might need to show who to contact but you might not want to display a photograph, and your pets may benefit from showing not only a photo to help confirm identity, but also list what medication your pet takes, which vets you use, and a telephone number to contact you if found.
And if you lose your keys, you can activate the 'lost mode’, as you hardly want it to show your car registration, or your home address, and see no benefit in telling the finder your medical conditions, but may wish to offer a reward for its return, so all devices have a ‘lost mode’ too.
For some, 3 message options may seem like overkill. For others it is absolutely essential to be able to do from the one central account.
Aurora's Smart-Tech ‘ICE’ devices are built to accommodate your life, and designed to be a remarkable addition to enhance your life.
Flexibility guaranteed.