Transport comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, on land, sea, and air.

Segway have created the Segway Drift W1 e-Skates, a set of portable electric self-balancing roller skates on which to get around.

Although I've yet to get my hands on a set, I can't comment how it performs going down kerbs, or over the lumps and bumps of urban routes....But I imagine it is perhaps better suited to cycle paths than pavements, or just for fun in the park.

Some initial questions include (with answers as I uncover them): 

  • Q. How long they last - A. Max 45 minutes / 10 miles (15km)
  • Q. How long they take to change
  • Q. Whether they are waterproof
  • Q. What mechanism they use to charge
  • Q. Legislation - Where are they allowed, and where are they not? As with all forms of transport, regulations can make or break any invention.

Price (at time of writing this): Around £300

My initlal verdict - Depending on your route, they may reduce your commute time, but perhaps may be a little tricky unless on a road or cycle path the whole way.

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(Image taken from the Segway Youtube Video)

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