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Charities, non-profit NGOs, and clubs all have a purpose at their heart.

All of these rely on funds to help remain active. These funds generally come from active fundraising initiatives (promotions and events), donations (repeat or adhoc), memberships, products and services provision, joint venture partnership’s and a range of grants and external funding sources.

Aurora is here to make a difference, and we want to help.

Aurora brings a number of previously untapped revenue streams, and looks for ways ito help, often at little or no cost to yourself or the donor. Just think a win, win, win, win situation.

This is the focus of our business; to help create financial opportunities, whether through oistively changing donor interaction or by improving ways a charity, NGO or club can reward its followers (as opposed to exploitive donor contribution, on which too many charities rely, having an increasingly detrimental effects on both public engagement, and on public perception).

At Aurora.Enterprises, we specialise in offering an increasing number of ways to helping Charities, NGOs, and Clubs to:

  • Understand their stakeholders, competition, opposition and challenges
  • Identify clear routes for fundraising, including a number of new ones
  • Identify additional mechanisms for finance generation
  • Leverage our partnerships and negotiation assistance for improving "Intelligent spending"
  • Provide assistance to investigate and obtain grants and funding
  • Create/leverage external revenue streams and financial growth opportunities
  • Find partners with common interests of mutual benefit to leverage the skills and opportunities, in helping your cause achieve more
  • Devise new and exciting fund-generating opportunities, without creating donor apathy or needing to overcome donor objections

All registered Charities, Non-Profits, and Clubs are encouraged to sign up, and join our FREE directory, and help our audience understand your mission, goals, and promises, and begin a beneficial journey to help you engage with a larger audience. No obligations. No fee. No brainer!


If you run a Charity, non-profit, club, or business, register yourself free now at

(Your application will then be screened before it is made live)


Note: Aurora is an ethically regulated and audited UK business. Feel comfortable in the knowledge that we are there to help you to achieve your targets, and are transparent with all companies we work with. Contact us for more information

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