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All charitable causes rely on funds to help further their work. These funds generally come from active fundraising initiatives (promotions and events), donations (repeat or adhoc), products and services provision, joint venture partnership’s and a range of grants and external funding sources. Imagine a situation where untapped revenue streams existed and were made available, of little or no cost to yourself and to the donor. Just think a win, win, win situation.. This is the focus of our help create financial options, primarily through positive donor interaction, as opposed to exploitive donor contribution.


At Aurora.Enterprises, we specialise in helping Charities and NGOs:

  • Understand their stakeholders, competition, opposition and challenge
  • Identify potential routes to fundraising
  • Mechanisms of finance generation
  • Prioritisation, partnering and negotiation assistance for "Intelligent spending"
  • Investigate and obtain grants and funding
  • Create and leverage external revenue streams and financial growth opportunities
  • Find partners with common interests of mutual benefit to leverage the skills and opportunities, in helping your cause achieve more
  • Devise new and exciting fund-generating opportunities, without creating donor apathy or needing to overcome donor objection’s

Why not contact us, to discuss how our products and services can help provide you with new opportunities to raise money for your cause and as well as help you achieve more.

All registered NGOs are encouraged to set up a Cause Page on our site. Once approved, NGOs can interact with Aurora clients in a controlled way, who can choose whether the cause is aligned with their values and whether to contribute their available balance towards the cause. On your NGO page, you can even show progress, set targets, which provide tangible and demonstrable evidence of what reaching each target will and has meant in making difference to your cause. You can and even choose to show your audience how close you are to achieving these goals, to encourage their assistance, using a novel range of interactive ways.

Aurora is here to make a difference.

Note: Aurora’s NGO fundraising activities are an ethically regulated and audited UK based business. Feel comfortable in the knowledge that we are there to help you to achieve your targets, through the creation of safe, secure and highly beneficial fund-generating activities.

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