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The 3 Parts of Aurora

Aurora can be split into 3 sub-businesses all working in harmony. These are:

  • Aurora Deals for Donations (D4D) - This part of Aurora focuses on a platform, containing a partner and charity directory, and identifying amazing products and services which offer great value to our audience. Through the sale of these which creates donations to the charitable campaigns which our visitors most wish to support.

  • Aurora ICE products - A unique range of life saving products, working in conjunction with the D4D platform.

  • Aurora Business Consultancy (ABC) - Additionally, based on the collective centuries of business experience, Aurora offers a range of products and services to help any business thrive.

Aurora is an innovative values driven business designed around making a real difference, with a range of products and services for both individuals and companies. 

With these 3 parts working together, Aurora offers a great way to save lives, help charities, support local businesses, and offer great deals to the public.

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