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Smart Inspiration
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Learning can be made easy. Entertaining, inspiring, energetic, and most importantly memorable.

Smart Inspiration focuses on deliver a range of training courses, including CPD accredited courses, as well as working with you to create courses that are not only more memorable, but provide a deeper understanding. Our experience can also help us to provide courses in a shorter time, by building the courses using a range of specialist techniques, often saving money by reducing the training overheads, as well as by reducing the amount of lost time people may spend on courses, without sacrificing what is needed to be learned.


Using the best of the worlds of Psychology, Neuroscience, language, teaching systems, and up to date interactive Audio-visual tools, Smart Inspiration currently runs courses in:

  • Time Management and Effectiveness - Maximising the benefits of effective time management, giving us more time for what matters

  • Work-life balance - Getting the best out of both worlds

  • NLP training courses (beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, up to Master Practitioner level)

and more, including a range of residential, retreat, and corporate team building courses, in combination with a number of partners, worldwide.

Smart Inspiration also offers a range of complimentary training courses, books, and other material.

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