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Smart Inspiration

Focus on what you do best, & we help with the rest.

Every business is different, with different skills, and different expectations, and cannot do everything. Our hands-on 'Fixer' service helps identify hurdles, & fill these gaps, taking on the work you can't or don't want to do

Covering everything from business setup, hands-on product design, project delivery, technology (incl. websites, social media etc.), graphic design, & hands-on practical training. Being a fixer is as much about knowing what to do, as it is knowing who to speak with. As such we are always actively engaging with proven specialist partners to help us fix our client's needs together.


We work with a range of businesses & coaches as a 'fixer'. In other words, they tell us their challenges or objectives, and we come up with options, and then help them implement the solution.

Why use us? Simple. We help you do what you can't or don't want to, helping you focus on what you do best.

We're quick & highly effective, and generally a lower cost than others because of it.

With a vast amounts of in-house skills, we can offer much quickly, easily, and cost-effectively, utilising our wide network of expert contacts as and when needed.


Training: Sometimes, we need things done. Other times, we need to learn how, so we can do it ourselves. As such, we offer bespoke training on demand, using some of the latest techniques in learning and development. Learning can be made easy, entertaining, inspiring, energetic, and most importantly memorable.

Smart Inspiration even delivers a range of CPD accredited courses designed to provide a deeper understanding. Our experience in memory retention also allows us to deliver courses in a shorter time, using a range of specialist techniques, which often saves money by reducing the training overheads, loss of productivity time, and associated expenses for course delivery, without sacrifice on what needs to be learned.

 Using the best of the worlds of Psychology, Neuroscience, language, teaching systems, and up to date interactive Audio-visual tools, Smart Inspiration currently runs courses in:

  • Time Management and Effectiveness - Maximising the benefits of effective time management, giving us more time for what matters

  • Work-life balance - Getting the best out of both worlds, freeing up your time to remove key-man risk, and avoid blockages

  • NLP training courses (beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, up to Master Practitioner level)

  • Tools to support small businesses - e.g. Social media scheduling tools, graphic editing tools, Accounting Waveapps, and much more!

On demand, we also run residential, retreat, and corporate team building courses, in combination with a number of partners, worldwide.



Services include:

All aspects of running a small business or charity, including business setup, technology Solution Development (scope & deliver), Procurement, Project Management, Training, Coaching, Websites, App development, Social Media maintenance, Graphic Design, Printing, Exhibition Assistance, Content Writing, Photography, Telephony Setup (including mobile landlines), or hands-on help with any aspect of day to day operations.


Smart Inspiration also offers a range of training materials, personal development or speciality books, and more.

Note: In order to support/broaden our 'fixer' service, & access to a wide range of product and service, we are working with a range of vendors/partners in an official reseller capacity, in addition to a range of affiliate partners. Irrespective of our partnerships, we are proud to always remain impartial, and only recommend products or services that we believe to be in the client's best interest.

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